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Compare eBook Readers has compiled hundreds of accessories for the Barnes & Noble Nook’s and Amazon Kindle’s, allowing you to browse by device, category and seller.

If you see something you like, click its picture. You’ll be taken to one of our major eBook gear vendors – Amazon.com or Walmart.com — for more information and to make your purchase.

Most Popular eReader Accessories

  1. Covers: They’ll keep your reader from getting scratched and provide storage for other gear.
  2. Reading Lights: In order to provide a “book-like” reading experience, you’ll need a little lamp – preferably a clip-on – for reading when it’s dark. (The Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Simple GlowLight have built in lights)
  3. Screen Protectors: They’re designed to keep your reading window scratch-free without affecting visibility.
  4. Skins: Decals that decorate your wireless reader and can be removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Choosing a Cover for Your eReader

The best way of keeping your eBook reader safe and free of scratches is to keep it covered. No problem: There are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of covers and cases out there. But how do you choose the cover that’s right for you? Consider the options:

  • Materials: There are covers made of leather, nylon, neoprene (a synthetic rubber), microfiber, foam and canvas. You can also cover your eReader with a skin, which is basically a plastic decal that’s become popular with cell phone users.
  • Styles: eBook reader covers can be hinged to open like a book. They can be simple sleeves or messenger-style bags. They can have zippers, snaps, straps and/or velcro.
  • Price: It can range from a couple of bucks for a skin to well over $100 for smartly styled, genuine leather covers.

Bundles:A Great Wayto Save on eReader Accessories

If you’ve just purchased your eBook reader, here’s a tip on getting more gear for less money: Consider bundles, also known as accessory kits. Bundles are an assortment of eReader accessories packaged together. They can include any combination of the following:

  • Covers
  • Chargers and Adapters
  • Reading Lights
  • Screen Protectors

By purchasing these items as a set, you’ll pay less for more equipment. Two caveats:

  1. Make sure you really want all or most of the items in the bundle.
  2. Confirm that the items in the kit will work with your wireless reader model.


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